Springboard Feature List

Web Site
  1. Responsive website – works equally well on phones, tablets and desktops.
  2. Search engine optimized for top-tier organic search results.
  3. Google Analytics.
  4. Facebook Pixel Tracking.
Customer Tools
  1. Signup – quick, easy and secure.
  2. Schedule or cancel pickups with a single tap.
  3. Schedule pickups by text.
  4. Automatic Notification Options by text and/or email.
    1. Remind me to schedule a pickup.
    2. Remind me to leave laundry out.
    3. Notify me shortly before the driver’s arrival.
    4. Notify me when my clothes have been picked up.
    5. Notify me when my clothes are being returned.
    6. Notify me when my clothes have been returned.
    7. Send Invoices.
    8. Vacation Hold
  5. Manage account settings (username, password, contact details, etc.)
  6. Manage laundry preferences (detergents, wash temps, hang/fold/roll, etc.)
  7. Manage special instructions (laundry, folding, pickup/delivery)
  8. Manage pickup/delivery address.
  9. Manage credit cards.
  10. Monitor remaining credits.
  11. Review Invoices.
  12. “Refer a Friend” custom referral number.
Administrative Tools
  1. Cloud-based. No software to install or upgrade. Accessible from any phone, tablet or computer with Internet access.
  2. Automated customer communication via text and email
  3. Route management and logistics
  4. Payment processing
  5. Employee Management
    1. Administrator time cards
    2. Driver time cards
    3. Attendant time cards
  6. Multiple levels of administrative access
  7. Email and SMS Notifications
  8. Analytical Tools/Reports
    1. Generate reports by routes and plans.
    2. Generate reports by customer
    3. Generate reports by city, state or ZIP code.
    4. Accounts receivable.
    5. New customers snapshot.
    6. Year-to-Date, Month-to-Date, Quarterly reports.
    7. Production reports
    8. Attendant production reports
    9. Driver reports.
  9. Tablet optimized web-based driver manifest
    1. Tracks where drivers are, records where and when laundry is picked up or returned, how much laundry has been picked up, which items have been returned, missed pickups and missed drop-offs, reasons for missed pickups/drop-offs and steps taken to resolve missed pickups/drop-offs.
  10. Google Maps integration.
  11. Optional Apple Maps integration.
  12. Comprehensive customer account management.
  13. Secure credit card processing/reprocessing.
  14. Schedule custom pickups.
  15. Schedule custom drop-offs.
  16. Manage new customer “onboarding.”
  17. Route builder.
  18. Manifest builder.
  19. System Settings.
  20. Track route progress.
  21. Two-tier pricing: “By Request” plans and “Weekly” recurring plans.
  22. Customize laundry pricing by customer.
  23. Set detergent, bleach, color-safe bleach, fabric softener and dryer sheet options.
  24. Issue tracking/CRM.
  25. Administrator timecards.
  26. Attendant timecards and production tracking.
  27. Driver timecards.