Springboard & HappyNest

Same goal. Two different approaches. Built on the same powerful platform.

It’s a fact. If you’re not offering a laundry pickup service you’re leaving money on the table.

The question you should be asking is not if you should offer laundry pickup but how. For years we’ve offered Springboard only as a white label solution. We provide the software, you provide the brand. But that left a lot of operators standing on the sidelines. With the introduction of HappyNest we’re inviting everyone onto the field. If building and controlling your own brand is a “must” for you then Springboard’s the right path for you. If you just want to focus on doing what you already do well – wash, dry & fold – and not worry about managing a brand and finding customers then you should take a good hard look at HappyNest.

Let the HappyNest team focus on building your business so you can focus on running your business.

HappyNest enables individuals to run their own Laundry Pickup and Delivery service under the HappyNest brand. ​Be part of a team, set your own rates, choose delivery days and get paid weekly. Earn money by helping people with their everyday laundry.


  • Comprehensive best-in-class software
  • Network of independent Laundromats operating under a single national brand
  • No startup costs, monthly fees or credit card fees
  • Service area exclusivity
  • Digital and traditional marketing included
  • Total “Customer Experience” support included
  • Subsidized branded vehicles
  • 75/25 revenue share model


  • Wash, dry & fold
  • Pickup and delivery
Want to operate under your own brand and control the entire customer experience?

Springboard is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools designed to help Laundromat Owners run a laundry pickup and delivery business efficiently and profitably. Springboard includes everything from a branded, search engine optimized web site to a back-office suite that allows you to manage routes and driving manifests, track production and employee payroll, analyze metrics, securely bill credit cards, track and resolve issues, and maintain customer relationships.


  • Comprehensive best-in-class software
  • White label “bring your own brand”
  • Complete customer ownership
  • Subscription-based model plus 2% royalty


  • Wash, dry & fold
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Marketing and brand development
  • Customer service
  • Monthly subscription and credit card fees
  • Vehicle payments

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