Jan 07

The Most Important Success Factor

What is the most important factor necessary to create a successful, high growth laundry pick-up and delivery business? Based upon our experience it is YOU! Since our inception in 2017, we are fortunate to have helped over 90 laundromat owners launch their pick-up and delivery business with Springboard software. While... read more →
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Jun 06

Know Your Market

I am thinking about starting a laundry delivery service……do I need to focus on my brand? The short answer is YES and here’s why: The number one reason is that laundry is personal to people.  Regardless of what you think of your wardrobe, the majority of your delivery customers like... read more →
Jun 05

Laundry Pickup & Delivery 101

So you want to make more money. You've made the investment in equipment. You're writing the rent checks. You're paying the utilities. And if your store is attended, you're covering payroll. And yet despite the free wifi, the free popcorn, the free you-name-it… Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Tumbleweeds. Crickets. And machines... read more →
Jun 04
Jun 02

Demanding Customers (or are they?)

Uber changed everything. Or did it? There’s no doubt that if you own a taxi medallion or drive a cab then Uber has upended your world. Your life and your livelihood have been “disrupted.” The business model that Uber seized upon – leveraging technology to fuse pent up demand with... read more →
Jun 01

Don’t Get Yelped

If you’re serious about developing a robust pickup and delivery operation you need to embrace two ideas. The first is that your customer acquisition efforts should be focused on promoting your pickup and delivery services as a high-end, high quality lifestyle choice, not on promoting the service as an extension... read more →