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Case Study: A Q&A with Laundry Magician Owners Dave and Carla Menz

Springboard recently caught up with our longest tenured licensees Dave and Carla Menz to learn how their laundry pickup and delivery business Laundry Magician got started. Read on to learn how the “magic” came about.  SB: When and why did … Read More

Case Study: A Q&A with Freshly Folded Owners Liz and Steve Carlin

Liz & Steve Carlin Freshly Folded San Diego, CA Springboard recently caught up with one of their top operators to ask a few questions about how they got into the residential pickup and delivery business and their experience so far. … Read More

Starting Residential Pickup and Delivery

Read this great 2-part article on how business owners like our client Laundry Magician got into the Laundry Pick-up and Delivery business. It’s a great read that provides background on why this business works so well! Here is part 1: … Read More

The Most Important Success Factor

What is the most important factor necessary to create a successful, high growth laundry pick-up and delivery business? Based upon our experience it is YOU! Since our inception in 2017, we are fortunate to have helped over 90 laundromat owners … Read More

American Coin-Op: Starting Residential Pickup and Delivery

App-based systems come in handy for these business owners CHICAGO — In our “app-powered” economy, adding a residential pickup and delivery service expands a store’s reach, boosts turns per day and increases revenue. But just what does it take to … Read More

Incentivizing Your Production Staff: A Win For Employees And A Win For Your Business!

As you develop your laundry pickup and delivery business, it is important to keep track of your costs. The largest expense in this business is labor, more specifically, production labor. We define this as the labor necessary to get the … Read More

Planning For Growth And Profitability

Two of the most common questions that we receive from Laundromat owners looking to start a pickup and delivery business are: What can I expect for growth? How many customers will I get in the first 30/60/90 days? We definitely understand … Read More

Is It Time To “Pickup” Your Laundry Business?

As laundromat operators, we’re always looking for ways to grow our businesses. Historically, the most common way to do so was to purchase or build more stores. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a growth strategy built around opening … Read More

Springboard Marks 1st Anniversary

Our 1-year anniversary was featured in an article on American Coin-Op! Read the full article here: Here is the text from the article if you’d rather read it here: Since launch, Springboard says it has licensed software to more than … Read More

Know Your Market

I am thinking about starting a laundry delivery service……do I need to focus on my brand? The short answer is YES and here’s why: The number one reason is that laundry is personal to people.  Regardless of what you think … Read More