Case Study: A Q&A with Laundry Magician Owners Dave and Carla Menz

Springboard recently caught up with our longest tenured licensees Dave and Carla Menz to learn how their laundry pickup and delivery business Laundry Magician got started. Read on to learn how the “magic” came about. 

SB: When and why did you start your pickup/delivery service?

DM: Our team launched Laundry Magician Pickup & Delivery Services on Nov. 1st 2016

SB: What was the biggest obstacle to overcome in starting Laundry Magician?

DM: Prior to launching the Laundry Magician brand, we had several obstacles to overcome, and the first was finding a customer service solution. We wanted to separate our other businesses from the Laundry Magician model, so we searched extensively.  Partnering with the Springboard team for a full customer service solution was the perfect fit for our needs. Another big obstacle for us was managing our customers preferences and accounts in a professional manner. We hear from our customers all of the time, “Wow, you guys have really thought of everything!”. That is exactly what we want to hear!

SB: Why did you choose Springboard as your pickup/delivery software?

DM: After about a year of researching and talking to all of the software players in our industry we decided on Springboard for several reasons: We were impressed with the team’s genuine interest in our success. We were not only looking for a software package but a team that was able and willing to mentor us on issues that we knew would arise. The Springboard team came across as very genuine and caring about our success. Additionally, we were looking for a team that was forward thinking. Our organization does not believe in sitting back and going on autopilot, we believe that is the recipe for a downward trending business model. We subscribe to the philosophy of always pushing the envelope… Of being better tomorrow than we were today. We saw that same drive and ambition in the Springboard team.

SB: How did Springboard help you build your business?

DM: The digital marketing that they offer is phenomenal and has really helped us get the word out about our services. Marketing and customer service often are not a business’ focus but they are vitally important to us. Our goal is to build Laundry Magician Pickup & Delivery Services into a household name in Cincinnati, OH and the northern Kentucky area.

SB: What is your secret to being successful in the pickup/delivery business?

DM: We believe that there are two keys to this business model. The first is to build trust with your customers and/or potential customers. People are very reluctant to hand over their families’ laundry to a company they’ve never heard of.  Convincing them to give us a shot is not easy and takes time.  As we continue to build our brand with happy customers and positive reviews, that is becoming easier and easier.

The real game changer though is execution. Some people will never give you a shot and you can’t do much about that. However, when people do give you a chance you have to execute on time, every time! Your team must execute from beginning to end, that is the only way to build their trust.  Building that trust will then build your reputation and brand. We are very fortunate to have an unbelievable team at Laundry Magician and every one of them has the most important quality in business…..grit! In our opinion grit is highly underrated in the business world. We believe that the grit that our team possesses is our real secret sauce.

SB: What do you do for fun outside of your business?

DM: My family and my faith are everything to me. Spending time with my family, serving and praising God, and building and running my businesses are my life. Of course, these things are all intertwined. My faith comes first but knowing that God loves me and wants me to love and serve my family and my community allows me to do them all at once. I have tried to build a life around my faith, family, and serving others.  Being a family owned private business allows me to do all of these things simultaneously.  I am also a huge football nut, anything from youth up to the NFL. I’m also kind of an education junkie. I also typically read a minimum of several books each month, sometimes every week. I believe that true education is found in books written by people with actual experience, not theory. Every day I seek to elevate my education and I believe this is a key to my successes as well.

SB: You were recently featured on Cincy Lifestyle, that must have been great for business?

DM: It sure was, within 12 days of the segment airing we had 50 new customer sign-ups and we are still hearing about people that signed up but did not use the promo code we provided. In the grand scheme of things this promotion will help our business five years from now because people know we are out there. They may not need laundry services every week but when they do they will remember us. So all in all it is the best marketing or PR we have had since we launched.

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