Think Outside the Google Search Box

Why Google AdWords Alone Can’t Get the Job Done

Google is an amazing search engine. The answer to nearly every question is just a “Wait a sec and I’ll Google it” away. But there’s one problem – one Achilles heel. It can only answer the questions we ask it and that turns out to be a problem for our young industry. If someone’s looking for great ice cream you can ask Google, “Where’s the best ice cream near me?” and within milliseconds you’ll be presented with at least 10 good options. Looking for a landscaper or a housecleaner? Just ask Google. While there’s clearly not a lot of overlap between ice cream and landscaping and housecleaning, they do share one common characteristic – everybody knows they exist. If you’re an ice cream parlor or a landscaper or a housecleaning company looking to grow your business then focusing your resources on getting great organic search results (to make sure you’re showing up on the coveted “first page”) and supplementing that with some paid AdWords makes all the sense in the world. But if people don’t know that the service you’re selling exists, or it’s not really front and center on their radar, you need to fight a completely different battle. And to win that battle you’re going to need to think outside the Google search box.

So what do you do? Here are three quick and effective steps you can take to get noticed.

1.) You already own a billboard so put it work.

One of your greatest assets is your delivery van. Spend the money to have it wrapped and keep it sparkling clean. If you only do one thing, do this. And if you’re only driving a couple days a week in the beginning, find “strategic” places to park it where it can be seen (not behind your store).

2.) Go cast your net where the fish are.

If your primary target is working families with kids, consider sponsoring a youth sports team, buying banner space at local ball fields or indoor sports parks. Where there are busy kids, there will be busy parents and busy parents will be interested in what you’re selling.

3.) Co-promote with other household service providers.

Find the landscapers and housecleaners with the best reputation (or the biggest customer base) in your service area and reach out to them with promotions. Provide them gift cards to hand out to their customers or include with invoices. It’s win-win. They look like heroes and you get access to a very receptive market.

Bonus idea: Hustle. There’s really no substitute for it.

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