Don’t Get Yelped

If you’re serious about developing a robust pickup and delivery operation you need to embrace two ideas.

The first is that your customer acquisition efforts should be focused on promoting your pickup and delivery services as a high-end, high quality lifestyle choice, not on promoting the service as an extension of your Laundromat. That’s why it’s critical, in our opinion, that you develop your pickup and delivery service under a separate brand.

The second is that acquiring a customer isn’t a one-time event. You have to keep “earning” that customer’s business by returning an exceptional product and providing top-tier customer service. With the preponderance of review sites and the ubiquity of Facebook, one unhappy customer has the ability to do serious damage to your brand. That’s why it’s so important that you have the framework in place to resolve issues, when they arise – and they will – as quickly as possible. Small problems quickly solved become “non events.” Left to fester, however, they can become expensive and time consuming to resolve. Worse yet, if an unhappy customer frustrated by poor communication or dissatisfied with your proposed resolution, turns to Yelp or Facebook to vent, and posts a negative review or comment, that negative review can haunt you for a long time and may be the deciding factor (against) for other customers considering using your service.

So make sure you have solid quality control procedures in place for production and a robust customer service operation so you can focus on keeping your customers and avoid getting “Yelped.”

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