Features: Technology

Responsive, Search Engine Optimized Web Site

Included with your Springboard subscription is a WordPress-driven, “mobile first” responsive web site. You may be the best provider of laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery within 100 miles but if you can’t first sell the customer on trust you may never get the chance to prove it. And the opportunity to earn a potential customer’s business is won or lost in the introduction. A WordPress site integrated with the Springboard customer signup and account management tools delivers the soup to nuts solution you need to make a great first impression.

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Driver Tablet App

A critical function in the Springboard toolbox is a tablet optimized driver web app with Google Maps integration. From any tablet with a cellular data plan drivers can check out manifests, identify the vehicle they are driving, batch notify customers of their predicted arrival time, and record time stamped pickups and drop-offs. In the event of a conflict (e.g. no laundry left for pickup) drivers must identify the steps taken to resolve the problem and upon doing so an issue ticket is generated and customer service is notified.

Quick Billing

“Make billing easy” was a guiding principal in the development of Springboard. Batch-create invoices with a single click then complete billing with two more. Successfully settled transactions are deposited to your merchant account and receipts are emailed or texted to your customers. Declined or expired credit cards are automatically flagged and placed back in the billing queue for reprocessing while customers are prompted by email and/or text to update their billing profile.

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Employee Management

Springboard manages employee clock-in/clock-out, tracks driver/route efficiency and monitors attendant production. Employees can be paid by piecework – per stop for drivers, per pound for attendants – or by the hour.

Tiered and Custom Pricing

With Springboard you can set different pricing levels for your weekly and on-demand plans. Additionally you can customize per-pound pricing by individual customer, set minimum pickup fees by route and offer “earned” incentives to your best customers.

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Route Management

At the heart of Springboard is a powerful but intuitive route management and manifest building engine. Create a route from a pool of ZIP codes, assign parameters to that route (days of week driven, opt-in cut-off time, minimum pickup fee), and attach it to a manifest template. Once a template has been created and saved generating a driving manifest requires a single click. Springboard’s engine assembles a list of both recurring weekly pickups and customer-requested pickups. Drag and drop to reorder and release the manifest to the driver.

System Settings

You determine which services you’ll offer to your customers (laundry and dry cleaning or just laundry), as well as detergent, dryer sheet, fabric softener, bleach and color-safe bleach options, referral credit amount, missed pickup fee, and pricing.

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