Features: Customer Support

Customer Service is Everything

Mixed up or misplaced laundry, clothes returned heavily scented when fragrance-free or hypoallergenic soaps have been requested, poor communication – just a few of the customer service issues that if left to fester start customers yelping on Yelp or ranting on Facebook. With Springboard’s robust issue tracking, automated ticketing, and customer communication and feedback system you can prevent small problems from becoming costly, full-blown customer service meltdowns.

A Happy Customer is a Profitable Customer

Acquiring a customer is only the first step in what should become a long, fruitful and satisfying relationship but a relationship that requires some investment. With a complete suite of customer relationship tools that includes among other features, preformatted emails that address the most frequent customer support issues, group messaging, onboarding facilitation, on-the-fly issue ticketing and automated notifications (e.g. “We returned your clothes Friday, June 21 at 5:21 pm.”), Springboard gives you all the tools required to keep customers happy.

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Easy Signup and Account Management

Recruiting new customers couldn’t be easier. Springboard’s “mobile first” customer signup process is designed to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible. In less than 2 minutes and six easy steps customers can create an account, build a personal laundry profile, manage their notification preferences and schedule their first pickup. Customers can log into their accounts at any time, update their laundry preferences, leave special instructions, update billing and delivery information, place their account on vacation hold (or suspend it indefinitely) and check the status of their order (driver on the way, laundry picked up, in the wash, laundry returned).


Springboard contains several vehicles for both enticing new customers and encouraging “On Demand” customer engagement. Build unlimited promo codes (great for Google and Facebook A/B testing), include weekly specials in the prompt emails and texts, and use current customers to promote your service by providing them with individual referral codes they can share to earn matching credits.