Features: Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

Included with Springboard is a complete analytics and reporting package to help you make smart, data-driven decisions. Track accounts receivable, employee production, time cards, revenue by route, and outstanding credits. Generate monthly, quarterly, year-to-date and per customer reports for granular KPI monitoring.

laundry pickup service report chart
manifest progress clipping

Driver Progress Monitoring

Because the Driver Tablet App is interactive, the progress of a manifest can be tracked as it is driven. Each stop on the route is stamped with the driver’s name, the time of the stop and the number of bags picked up (or dropped off) so administrators and supervisors can make accurate predictions regarding production staffing and customer support can respond intelligently to customer inquiries.

System Settings

You determine which services you’ll offer to your customers (laundry and dry cleaning or just laundry), as well as detergent, dryer sheet, fabric softener, bleach and color-safe bleach options, referral credit amount, missed pickup fee, and pricing.

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